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Bali, aside being known as a place with beautiful, beaches, lakes, waterfall, it is also famous for its strong culture. Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud or Saraswati Temple is definitely one of the prettiest temples in Bali.

As you know, pura which means “temple” is a religious, holy place in Bali with strong Hindhuism tradition. This temple, just as its name, is a religious pura to worship the Hindhu Goddess, Dewi Saraswati or Goddess of Knowledge. It is easy to find this temple with its strategic location.

In this temple, you will see a big lotus pond with lots of lotus flowers, beautifully making an entrance for the guest as you walk to the temple. If you wish to see a Balinese traditional dance, you can watch Kecak dance at this temple on several occasions. Do check the dance performance schedule so you can watch it at the right time, because it is not held everyday.

Photo by @redcameraguy @momentevas thanks for using our hashtag. Keep tagging your unbelievably moment in Bali with #baligasm to allow us to share

PS : bin your litter, it’s the smart thing to do to help keep Bali clean

Saraswati Temple
Ubud from Instagram:


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