Nung Nung Waterfall

Located at Nung Nung Village, Plaga, Bali. Nung Nung is a name for a small village, about 40 kilometres north of Denpasar. This village has a cool, fresh air and it has this beautiful Nung Nung waterfall with height approximately 50 meters. To reach this waterfall, you will have to explore hills and ricefields around 2 km walk. As you pass by the panoramic natural view of forests, you will discover Nung Nung Waterfall. Worry not, it is not difficult to find this waterfall with good road access, though as usual, you need to walk up and down the stairs to find it. There is an entrance fee to this waterfall or parking fee

Photo by @raphaeldupertuis
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Nung Nung Waterfall
Petang, Plaga from Instagram:

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